Beginning the Path…

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“What is your potential?” That’s a tough question to answer when you try to think about it.

Hello! My name is Daragh, and thank you for joining me here on this journey. As you can guess from the title, this is the starting point of a long and challenging path to see the capabilities we possess as people, and how far they can go.

My Starting Point:

First thing thing you should know is this: I am obsessed with self development!Cannot get enough of it, communication, body language, dating, exercise, mediation, organization skills, it goes on and on and on and on… You get the idea.

This all started for me when I was 15/16 years old. I was your classic socially awkward, unmotivated fat kid.  While I was capable, instead of challenging myself and using my abilities, I would spend my days screwing around with TV, video games, shuffling crap down my throat, all the while complaining like a squealing drama queen.

I was Jeff Lebowski, but with the temperament of Alan Harper, never taking a proper look myself.


Fast forward a bit: I am a 21 year old Irish University student living in the Netherlands while studying Physiotherapy.

I do a lot of martial arts, entrepreneur events, and so much more that I’ll save for another time. I healthier, stronger, more confident, more proactive. I’m still dramatic, but I’ve turned it to my advantage (now I’m a Drama King!).

I’ve come a long way since I started down this path 6-7 years ago.

But honestly…

I still have much more work to do. I still have yet to accomplish my goals and ambitions, and I’m overwhelmed with the desire to be more.

To use my potential.

Being More Than Before:

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And I’m sure there are a lot of you out there like me in that regard.

Wanting to learn more, wanting to do more, wanting to be more. To activate the potential that is inside of you

It is an urge we can’t subdue, the hunger become better than what we currently are.To achieve the greatness we possess and thus live the life we so deeply desire.

And yet as we do, we are constantly met with failure, frustration, doubt, and more as we try to struggle along to achieve our ideal.

For being more than what you are now and having the things you want isn’t easy.

It can be hard. It requires effort, with a determination to stay on track and keep moving.

But that makes it worth it.

In the words of Susan Elizabeth Phillips, “Anything Worth Having, Is Worth Fighting For”

I believe this represents that strongly represents the human spirit is persistence.

The will to keep going, to do more than ever before, and be more. It is this that has helped create such wonders in our society today.

To take a spark and create an inferno.

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We are persistent. And that allows us to truly tap into the limits of our potential as humans, which is, by the way…


There is no end to human advancements and human developed. We are divine beings with limitless potential inside of us, capable of accomplishing whatever we set our minds to.

You Are Limitless Potential:



And I want to show that.

As I said before, I still have a long way to go for myself. There is so much more I want to be.

I’m sure it’s the same for you.

I’ve made this blog to record my path to becoming more. To using the limitless potential we all have. And show all of you.

I hope to learn and give what I find, no matter what it is: be it fitness, study, relationships, politics, entrepreneurship. The list can go on forever.

I want to live my life being the best I can be, and I want the same for you.

I hope you find something worthwhile here, and I would love to hear your stories about your own endeavors.

That is all for now, thank you so much!

I wish you luck on your own path to using your potential.

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